Multichain MEV Rebate Browser Extension

No need to add or manage RPCs

Greetings to our valued MEV community. We're thrilled to introduce the Wallchain MEV Browser Extension. Cutting straight to the chase, yes, this represents another entrant in the MEV space. But, unlike others, we're not tethered to private RPCs. This independence allows us to return more MEV directly to the end-user and be multichain from the start.

We initially emerged as a B2B provider for DEXes and swiftly grew to become the most used MEV-Recovery solution on BNB and Polygon. Our integrations span leading platforms such as QuickSwap, BabyDoge, and ApeSwap.

Then, we had a light bulb moment: empower users to extract MEV directly on the protocols they use.

The Wallchain browser extension automatically detects MEV in your transactions and offers to append an MEV strategy before you press submit.

Here is what it looks like:

Plain, simple, and transparent. A single transaction to swap and capture MEV.


  • Here's the deal: users receive 100% of the searcher’s bid, plus up to a 50% searcher share. We are searchers ourselves, and our business model is based on improving our search capabilities by providing more value to users. This amounts to multiple times the average market rebate, forming a compelling MEV rebate percentage proposition.

  • EVM compatible. Operating independently of the validator infrastructure and functioning entirely at the application level, it doesn't require significant changes to debut on a new EVM chain. We are already active on four chains (BNB, Polygon, ETH, Telos) through our B2B integrations. We plan to sequentially launch the browser extension on each chain, starting with Polygon, BNB, ETH, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Avax.

  • No need to add or manage RPCs. MEV strategies are injected before your transaction is sent to the wallet. There is no Wallchain RPC. It is also private RPC compatible. We do not compete with private executors like MEV-Blocker, MEV-Share, or bloxRoute. You can use Wallchain in conjunction with one of these to experience the combined benefits.


Wondering how this all works? Wallchain inserts MEV strategies into your transaction before it reaches the wallet. To put it simply, a swap transaction is essentially a series of commands to be executed on the EVM. Wallchain adds up more commands to the same transaction to seize MEV opportunities, much like using a favorite plugin to augment your experience with a preferred program.

So how does Wallchain compare to other solutions? Within the MEV supply chain, there are solutions that capture MEV at the RPC level (like MEV-Blocker and MEV-Share) and at the validation level (like MEV-Boost). These involve sending a transaction and hoping for the best in the unpredictable realm of blockchain infrastructure.

Wallchain, on the other hand, integrates at the user intent level, before the wallet, ensuring that MEV rebate is always returned within the same transaction. Once the transaction is confirmed, the MEV is returned - no more, no less.

This way, transactions facilitated by Wallchain are dispatched to the public mempool or private RPC, already loaded with MEV strategies. They cannot be split and nothing can be added in the middle.

Moving forward, what's on the horizon for Wallchain?

Our primary focus is on maximizing the decentralization of our system. We plan to start open-sourcing our code. Additionally, we're planning to launch a Wallchain DAO, enabling this public good to be managed by the community. This will empower the community to make key decisions such as the next chain to launch, how to allocate MEV, and potential partnerships to explore.

And with that, we've covered all the bases. We hope you'll enjoy your MEV rewards. We believe we're still in the early stages of the MEV space, and that the term "MEV" itself will continue to grow in scope. We'll be sharing more about our progress and insights, so stay tuned.

We encourage you to comment any emoji under this Tweet to get access to the extension. If you're keen on capturing MEV on your DEX, Wallet, Aggregator, or Bridge, feel free to contact us directly at

We look forward to seeing you in our telegram, fellow MEV friends!