Q1 MEV Community Earnings CALL πŸ“ž

PLUS: 2 BIG Announcements

Hey Wallchain fam, we’re here to get you through the turbulent MEV seas.

Quick Q1 Community Update πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦

The Q1 was very busy and productive for Wallchain. We'd like to update you on the most important events and milestones.

Here is what happened in Q1:

1. Website redesign. Let us know if you have any feedback on our Discord.

2. Integration with QuickSwap, the largest DEX on Polygon. What a historical moment meeting the Quickswap team at ETH Dubai.

3. Partnered with BNB Chain for a series of MEV events: BNB Dubai, BNB Tokyo, BNB MEV Community Call. Additionally, had a separate session about Wallchain on BSC News.

Share your feedback about Wallchain and your take on MEV:

Big News Alert 🚨

There's something else we've been spending a lot of time on for the past 3 months. Some of you may have already noticed it on our Twitter accounts. We are dropping 2 big news this month. Join our telegram to be the first to know.

See you in Metaverse, Soulbound mates!