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Hey Wallchain fam, we are kicking off our newsletter!

Please,fasten your web3 seat belt. We're gonna go over the speed limit of DeFi!

We want to keep it short and simple.

So,heres what we got for you today:

  • What is Wallchain?

  • Insights from the BNB Chain program.

  • What's next for Wallchain?

Wallchain: Web3 Cashback & DEX Efficiency

We give web3 users cashback when they trade on exchanges like Uniswap. We do it by atomically capturing MEV value in the user's favor.(MEV - value extracted from user transactions).

For users, it looks like this:

An important fact to remember:

If Wallchain and any other MEV solution (e.g. Flashbots) are used at the same time, Wallchain is guaranteed to capture theMEVvalue - because our strategies are executed atomically, inside the user transaction.

Wallchain is Truly Democratizing MEV.We are paying the biggest percentages of captured MEV to users and DEXes.

BNB Insights

You probably know Wallchain got the #1 place in the BNB program:

The program consists of 20+ sessions with partners & a Demo Day.One of our favorites were Nansen, PancakeSwap, TrustWallet & CoinMarketCap.

Pics from IRL events:

Look out for more details about the program's value in the next issue.

What's Next?

We are getting slightly more focused on the community and the B2C approach.Please, help us grow by retweeting the invite to this newsletter:

Three more big announcements are coming this month 哄

To sum-up:

Wallchain is not a weekly or monthly newsletter.We are going to share updates when we have something to share and feel like doing it.

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