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GM Wallchain fam, trust you are bullish for 2023!!When you’re here, you’re family.

Here’s what we got for you today:

  • 2022 Wallchain's retrospective.

  • The team reveal as requested in the previous edition.

  • Wallchain featured on TechCrunch.

We Are What We Eat

2022 Retrospective 

Jan-Mar: MVP iteration and sales outreach. Showcasing at Metaverse conference.

Apr-Jun: Launch with Dfyn & ApeSwap. Announcement.

Jul-Aug: Tech improvements & sales outreach. Showcase at BlockShip DAO.

Sept: Showcasing Wallchain at ETHWarsaw, First place at Unicorn Crypto Battle, showcasing Wallchain at Polygon Builder's Jam in SF.

Oct: Launch with the biggest community on BNB Chain, 1.6M followers - BabyDoge. Showcasing Wallchain at Web3 Disrupt, Tweet.

Nov: BNB program participation & showcasing Wallchain at Web3 Metaverse conference.

Dec: Wallchain has been selected as the #1 project in the BNB program: announcement. Selected top 10 projects by Quicknode for Quickpitch

Wallchain team and Zoe Wei - Senior Business Director at BNB.

Wallchain Founding Team

The company was founded by Yurii Kyparus - YC Alum & Max Bevza - 12+ YOE in ML & Algorithms research, both repeated founders.

Our backgrounds are coming from Google, Meta, Grammarly, and Y Combinator. 

We consider ourselves veterans in hacking, algorithms, and FAANG. We are tired of centralized, conventional, gigantic corporations having a monopoly on informational and financial flows.

We put ourselves on a mission to build a healthy decentralized wealth-being for the Web3 Community!

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“Congrats on the success and placing first! Really looking forward to learning more about this project and would love the origin story”

What's Next:

In the meantime, we are preparing a few partnership announcements. We are also going to speak at The Curious Learners Podcast  & BNB Twitter event.

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See you in Metaverse, Soulbound mates!